AMFORA The Art and Media Forum works to develop interaction and innovation between the cultural field and new technologies on an international scale. We are based in Norway, but our network is without frontiers.

We see that there is a huge lack of meeting points and a common language between art and culture on one hand and engineering, technology and industry on the other. AMFORA seeks to be a bridge builder creating links, forums and interaction between these fields.

So far we have worked with music, theatre, the fine arts, design, computer graphics, digital value chains and the ICT industry. We also work with concepts and strategies for human city environments combining good living with spaces for work and leisure, in short all of the architectural, environmental, and social issues that surround a proposed development.

AMFORAs Board of Directors:
Pål Steigan, President - +47 93 43 22 79
Geir Johnson, Director

Chief Consultant
Geir Tandberg Steigan